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navigator.Vibrate( pattern ); El patrón Productos Digitales Online Que Cambian Tu Vida if (window.navigator && window.navigator.vibrate) { Cache mediante el DOM sin utilizar Modernizr, deberíamos recurrir a window. Tengamos en cuenta que gracias al empleo de la propiedad navigator.onLine, tenemos la posibilidad de trabajar con los valores true (online) o false o su dirección completa): CACHE MANIFEST # v1 principal.html logo.jpg script.js  Como decía antes, Netscape Navigator fue el navegador más empleado durante en cuanto a la tecnología web del momento: las cookies, JavaScript, en Mosaic y que venía preinstalado en todas las versiones de Windows. Por otro lado, America Online (AOL) adquirió la empresa Netscape, dueña  CACHE MANIFEST clock.html clock.css clock.js clock.png switch to airport mode, go back to the browser and reload the site's still there. Online resources that can be cached (CACHED).

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The Javascript Navigator is an object of window interface, it provides information about the web browser and its capabilities. The Navigator object can be accessed using window.navigator or simply navigator because window is a global object. The types of information that can be retrieved using navigator Returns the online status of the browser.

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Update the online status icon based on connectivity window.addEventListener('online', updateIndicator) JavaScript Navigator Object Tutorial - Here you will learn all about Navigator Object methods and properties in JavaScript with example program. The navigator object in JavaScript is used to display information about the version and type of the browser. window.navigator.onLine. It will return a boolean true or false depending on the internet status. var ifConnected = window.navigator.onLine; if (ifConnected) { alert('Connection available'); } else { alert('Connection not available') Navigator.onLine does the job but ideally we’d like to constantly monitor the status of the network and we don’t want to check the value in a setInterval  console.log(new Date(event.timeStamp)); }window.addEventListener('online', handleConnectionChange) window.addEventListener("load", () => { hasNetwork(navigator.onLine)  navigator.online on it's own for checking if a user is really online is not working. It only lets you know if there is network access, which isn't the same as "connected to the internet". navigator-online.

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async function isOnline {if (! window. navigator. onLine) return false const response = await fetch (window. location. origin, {method: ' HEAD '},) return response. ok} Now you can ping your own site and wait for a response, but the problem is since we always send the same request to the same URL, your browser will waste no time caching the result making our function useless.

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The Window.navigatorread-only property returns a reference to the Navigatorobject, which has methods and properties about the application running the script.